Bright Wall/Dark Room

Erika contributes regularly to Bright Wall/Dark Room, "A gathering of writers, poets, filmmakers, and artists to reflect on the movies that mean something to them: what they love, what they hate, what they can't stop thinking about."

MAD MEN: THE FINAL SEASON (Spring 2015 Special Issue)

WHIPLASH | If it was easy, everyone would do it | 12.2014

NORTH BY NORTHWEST | A Gentleman's Guide to Surviving NxNW | 8.2014

MAD MEN | Living in the Not Knowing | 5.21.2014


THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW | There's something about Mary | 8.28.2013

JAMES GANDOLFINI | Proshai, James | 6.25.2013

THE OFFICE | "I Braveheart": Why The Office is a scary place | 4.9.2013

HBO'S GIRLS | What's all the rumpus about? (Now imagine she's hot) | 2.11.2013

A PLACE IN THE SUN | Do I make you nervous? | 4.5.2011

MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS | Right where we live | 12.25.2010

PET SEMATARY | No thanks for the memarees | 10.25.2010

THE DEPARTED | Maybe, maybe not, maybe go fuck yourself | 8.26.2010

THE SANDLOT | to stop being an L-7 weenie and start having the best summer of your life | 7.13.2010